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Luxe Armour leather protection repells oils, fat and liquid and can therefor prevent a disaster! Water guard is suitable for other materials than leather.


Cleanser and conditioner for unfinished leather


Cleanser and conditioner for finished leather

Let us handle the pampering

Attikk handles pampering your luxury bag. We offer various treatments for most brands.

Treatment Prices

Service Price
Cleaning 5.900 ISK
Cleaning + Nourishment 7.900 ISK
Ómeðhöndlað kúaleður eins og er á Louis Vuitton töskum
Cleaning 6.900 ISK
Cleaning + Nourishment 8.900 ISK
Suede, Nubuck, Canvas, Fabric
Cleaning 4.900 ISK
Extra treatments
Protection 4.900 ISK
Spotting 5.900 ISK
Cleaning of interior compartment 6.900 ISK
Mould/odour treatment 3.900 ISK
Fast service (24h) 5.000 ISK
The entire package 25.000 ISK

Prices are for comparison and can change in relation to the extent of the project and the size of the item.