Attikk ehf. Privacy Policy

Last updated: 25. mars 2021


This Privacy policy applies to Attikk homepage at and connected software.

Private information processing

When a person is shopping online with Attikk or registers a user they might be required to enter their full name, email address, mobile number, address and in some cases their social security number, bank information or credit card information. The user is responsible for making sure the information he/she enters is correct and applies to themselves. While using Attikk we'll be working with this personally identifiable data.

These terms explain how Attikk handles the information about their users. Attikk employs full security measures to safeguard their users' information. Goal of these terms is to ensure that Attikks handling of your private information is in accordance with core values of the protection of privacy and the protection of your personal life information found in the privacy regulations of the European Union, GDPR, that has been implemented into Icelandic law on privacy and the processing of private information.

Type of Private information

Attikk ehf mainly works with common personal information, information on the usage of their website and the usage of their software. Attikk uses these personal informations based on an agreement with the user. Personal information that is collected through the Attikk system is used to service the user according to the agreement that is relevant. Attikk requests, records and saves the information in order to give the user access to the software solution, to record the users usage history of the software, to secure the soulution and to make sure the correct user is being served every time. Information is used to ensure quality and functionality of the web. Attikk might use to information to be able to contact the customer, for example to notify of any functional changes of the web or business models.

Personal information about a customer can be used for the following reasons:

  • To deliver the service and/or product the customer requests from Attikk and to give them information on its progress.
  • To inform the customer on changes to service or terms of contract.
  • To process payment to customer, for example by cash transfers to their bank account or credit card.
  • To answer any questions they might have.
  • To prevent illegal actions taken and to reprimand any damage.
  • To inform any government parties, though only in instances where an obligation to do so is put up on Attikk by law.
  • Data about a customer of Attikk is stored until the goal of their collection is fulfilled or they are no longer needed. Except if local law requires longer storage periods.

Your rights

You have the right to access to what information Attikk ehf. has collected about you as well as receiving a copy of that information.

You have the right to demand that Attikk corrects any information it stores about you if you think that information is incorrect as well as requesting that same data is deleted. Some information Attikk is required by law to store for a certain period of time and might not be able to delete at the time of request.

You have to right to demand Attikk limits it’s processing of your information. That right is only available in certain instances.

You have the right to get a copy, in a digital form, of the information you have given Attikk about you. If you request it, and it’s technically possible, you can request that this information is sent to a 3rd party, f.ex. another company.

To use these rights you can send an email to Please be aware that it can take up to 30 days until you receive a response from your inquiry and up to 3 months if the request holds a technical difficulty in processing. We will try our best to answer your request as quickly as possible, at least to notify you that we have received it and are working on processing it..

Trust and protection of information

Attikk employees are required to sign a non disclosure clause and are bound to protect any information they see or gather during their employment. This non disclosure clause follows the employee even if they discontinue their work for Attikk ehf. An infraction of this non disclosure could result in termination or possible involvement of law enforcement. Attikk ehf. Is responsible for the handling of your personal information and is focused on following regulations on the protection and safety of said information.

We promise to uphold the utmost privacy and respect for our customers information and it’s handling. We care about privacy protection and we want our customers to know how we process their information. This policy is relevant to information collected and stored digitally.

If you have any questions regarding the handling of personal information by Attikk ehf. Please contact us by email at

Core rules and goals of Attikks’ Privacy Policy:

  • Fair: The personal information is obtained legally, fairly and in a way that is obvious to the user.
  • Purpose: That personal information is processed in a clear, legal and purposeful way and not used in other unconnected ways.
  • Average: that personal information is plentiful, relevant and not above what is needed, appropriate and not more than is needed based on their purpose for processing.
  • Reliability: That the personal information is reliable and updated as needed; personal information that is inaccurate or incorrect should be deleted or they corrected without delay.
  • Preservation: That personal information is stored in such a way that it does not personally identify a customer longer than is needed for their processing or as required by law.
  • Safety: That personal information is processed in a safe way and that full security measures are employed in their storage.