Last update: 8th of July 2024
The terms and conditions in this sales agreement (“agreement”) create a binding contract between you (the “customer”, “you” or “seller”) and Attikk ehf., kt. 450221-1630 (“ATTIKK”, “we”, “us” or “our”). Please read this agreement carefully.

Attikk Seller terms


Attikk sells both new and used pre-owned luxury designer items. The products are either owned by Attikk, sold for a third-party or sold by Attikk for individual sellers. Products are sold on Attikk’s online store, or in-store at Laugavegur 90, 101 Reykjavík - Iceland. Seller guarantees that they are allowed to sell given item/items. Seller guarantees that the item does not have any undisclosed flaws.

Attikk reserves the right to use photographs, video and information about products for commercial use, marketing, blogging and educational purposes, regardless of whether the product is sold at Attikk or not.


All products brought in for consignment by Seller are authenticated. Attikk can only accept products that pass the authentication.

Attikk performs the authentication and price evaluation or receives help from third-party experts. Attikk makes an effort to have authenticity results and pricing ready and complete within 4 business days from receipt of the item.

The authentication fee is 3.995,- ISK incl. VAT, for each product. If Attikk accepts selling the authentic product, a 50% discount is given off the authentication fee: 1.997,- incl. VAT. . In case of products not passing authentication, the Seller agrees to pay the full authentication fee. Attikk cannot sell products without passing authentication. Original receipts for items or certificates of authenticity from unknown parties are not considered sufficient evidence of authenticity.

The authentication fee is paid by Seller when a sold product is settled, or when the items are delivered back to the Seller.

Time Limits

As of when these terms and conditions are accepted and signed, the Seller thereby accepts having the item up for sale for a minimum of 30 days, from when authenticity and price has been determined. If not complied, a full authentication fee is taken upon delivery of the item to Seller. If an item remains unsold for 90 days, counting from authentication results, Attikk can discontinue selling the item and challenge Seller to pick-up. In case the item has been pre-settled through model A or B, a full refund from Seller to Attikk will be required before the item can be delivered to Seller again.

Seller agrees to refrain from selling items to a third party whilst the item is in Attikk’s possession.


Attikk makes an effort to keep items safe from harm with close observation. Attikk prides itself in a stable surveillance system with high definition cameras in-store. Attikk keyrir innbrotakerfi frá viðurkenndum aðila and a security gate to prevent theft. Attikk insures Your item from burglary, armed robbery, water- and fire damage.


Attikk only accepts consigned items that we think are appropriate for resale through our service. Attikk reserves the right to accept or reject an item for any reason. No authentication fee is taken for rejected items.

Attikk received the following items in the stated condition:

List of products and their general condition


Seller decides which payment method is desired upon results from Attikk regarding authentication and price evaluation. Attikk reserves the right to not offer the choice of all the following payment methods.

Model A: Seller is prepaid via bank transfer, 25%-55% of Attikk’s price evaluation of the item within 2 business days from authentication results. Be advised that when model A is not offered as a payment method the Seller can choose to get paid in compliance with Model B or C.

Model B: Seller is prepaid with store credit, 35%-65% of Attikk’s price evaluation of the item within 1 business day from authentication results. Be advised that in some cases model B is not offered. Seller can then choose to get paid in compliance with Model C.

Model C: Seller is paid via bank transfer, 50-85% of the item’s sold price within 10-14 working days from the item selling.

Attikks Commission
Price evaluation/Sold price Model C Model B Model A
under 20.000 ISK 50%
45% *
20.000 - 49.999 ISK 40%
35% *
50.000 - 99.999 ISK 30%
25% *
100.000 - 199.999 ISK 25%
20% *
200.000 - 999.999 ISK 20%
15% *
1.000.000 ISK or over 15%
10% *
* Sellers that are Merkjavöruséní subscribers at the time of transaction benefit from a lower commission to Attikk.

When authentication results are in and price evaluation is complete the Seller will receive an email from Attikk. The email will also include information on which payment methods are offered for the item/s.

Storage Fee

In cases when A) Attikk rejects the item or B) the product has completed its 90 day maximum in-store, Customer has 1 week to pick up item after receiving a challenge from Attikk, without having to pay storage fees

At the end of the week, a 1.000 ISK storage fee will be charged at pick-up, per every started day. A weekly fee notice will be sent to Seller, for 3 weeks challenging pick-up and payment. If product remains unclaimed on the 22nd day, Attikk assumes property ownership. Attikk can then decide to keep it, give it to charity or dispose of it. The storage fee is not waived when product is given away or disposed of and can be charged off Seller from other sales.