Cooperate with Attikk

Are you an influencer and interested in a cooperation with Attikk?

We are always looking for interesting people who are interested in helping us introduce Attikk to Iceland and the world. If you beleive your follers are the right fit for Attikk we'd love to hear from you with an idea for our cooperation.

Discounts while selling

50-100% discount of Attikk fees

If your are selling your luxury design and you'd like a discount of Attikks seller fees you could possibly lower it by introducing Attikk to your followers.

If you have between 3.000 - 10.000 followers and Attikk agrees to a cooperation you can get a 50% disount of Attikk fees.

If you have more than 10.000 followers and Attikk agrees to a cooperation you can get a 100% discount of Attikk fees.

Get paid

We'll pay you based on your followers

Bring us your idea for a cooperation and we'll pay you based on exposure and followers.

You can choose to get paid

  • Attikk Gift Card(100% of contract amount)
  • YAY Gift Card (70% of contract amount) (valid with over 300 companies)
  • Cash payment (50% of contract amount)

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