What Attikk stands for

Luxury designs get fresh start at Attikk

New in Iceland

The care your luxury design deserves.

To offer people a real, safe and fast portal to sell and shop authentic luxury designer brands is new in Iceland. Attikk desided to be the first in the Icelandic market to offer the service.

Your designer product at Attikk

Popular designer brands on market price

As a seller you can be sure your product will be handled with the care it deserves and that you are getting the best possible price the market is offering at any given moment.

Safe purchase

All products have been authenticated

As a buyer you can be sure the product you are buying is real as all product sold at Attikk are authenticated by specialists before going on sale.



Attikk's business model is known all over the world and the first time it's done in Iceland.

Our goal is to provide everyone with a safe platform to sell and buy luxury designer brands in a simple way.